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The unsightly urine stain that rings a toilet bowl
"Would it kill you to scrub your toilet every now and then? There's a serious peequator in there..."
by mo-yo December 22, 2006
Accronym: English as Somebody Elses Second Language

Def: The modification of English used with people for whom English is not their first lanugage.

Characterized by simplified vocabulary, gestures and smiling. A form of generalized speech often used in large multicultural cities to simplify trade and negotiations.
2nd language: (Seeking help from bus driver in broken english)
1st language: Where you go? You go Dufferin Station? I make bus with you. I help you go. No worry, no worry, you sit now.
Bus Driver: Thanks, sorry, my ESESL is really rudimentary.
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
a nasty little child
"man, if that fat little smatchet was my kid, i would so have spanked him by now"
by mo-yo December 22, 2006
A short nap enjoyed under your desk in your office
"I was so tired at work this morning, so i took a mid-afternoon deskiesta an felt a lot better"
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
An irrational anger towards a friend or collegue upon having a bad dream about them the previous night. The resentment lasts at least a day.
Tori: "I'm just mad, because in my dream last night you totally betrayed me"
Luke: "Look, it's almost 2pm, you need to get a handle on your dreamrage."
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
A yawn performed when you are talking to someone who tries to conceal their fatigue by yawning with their mouth closed. Akward facial contortions are a dead give-away to a yawnversation.
Non-yawner: "...so i said, fine, i'll work your shift, but she's all like, no forget it..."
Yawnversation-er:(silence accompanied by eye squinting, scowling and the jutting out of the chin)
by mo-yo December 22, 2006
Fair trade coffee, ordered either as a result of self-inflicted guilt, or pressure from more socially conscious peers.
Pradeep: "YUM, I'm going to get the Gingerbread Latte..."
Anna: "But you can't get it with the Fair Trade blend..."
Pradeep: "Ewww. You want me to get a bitter Guiltaccino?"
Anna: (look of empathy for poor coffee farmers everywhere)
Pradeep: "Damn. A medium Ujama Mild please..."
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
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