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The moment when you've reached the peak of a yawn, total satisfaction, and you unintentionally let a noise drone out through your open mouth.
Chivrel yawngasmed obnoxiously loud at work today!
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
A yawn that sounds similiar to a female orgasm.

Yawngasms often occur among young women during class in which the boisterous yawngasm breaks the studious silence. Yawngasm are often perplexing and embarassing especially to the female who yawngasmed. After a yawngasm several young males will crack erotic jokes much to the chagrin of the young woman.
Jessie: "yawngasms"

Mark: "Who Jessie! I didn't know you were wet!"

David: "That's how she sounded last night!"

Chris: "Lay off the clittrigger Jessie!"

Jessie: "Shut up you guys! I'm tired not horny"

Mustaf: "Your nipples prove otherwise"
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