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The moment when you've reached the peak of a yawn, total satisfaction, and you unintentionally let a noise drone out through your open mouth.
Chivrel yawngasmed obnoxiously loud at work today!
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
The diarrhea one gets after consuming excess amounts of undigestable dyes from brightly colored fruit candies or snacks. Also known as Rainbow Shits, Painters Pallet, The Artist's Turd, Malgum's Brush, and Dandy Petals.
Tad Prepington was suffering from the worst case of razzle shits, after eating three bags of skittles.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
The pubic hair that overlays onto the thigh. Generally, and publicly, makes an appearance during the summer months, when it can be seen at the beach peaking through bathing suit bottoms. An unfortunate side effect of an under-trimmed bush.
Geraldine's thigh pie cascades over her bikini bottoms, and makes the men feel inferior.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
A good, wholesome, America, mom and apple pie type of blowjob, with no frills. (No ball graples, butthole strokes, angry hand action, or long spit trails.) Always swallowed, and accompanied by serving the recipient his favorite dinner and drink. Classy.
Lordis likes to surprise her man every Fourth of July with a Betty Beamer, followed by steak and beer.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
Chimples are unfortunate body acne residing around the bum and thigh regions.
Allister popped some gigantic chimpless when he shifted in his seat.
by MissBloodySunshine September 28, 2009
The clotty residue laying listless at the bottom of the toliet bowl after a menstrating woman uses it. Period clots that sink straight to the bottom of the bowl.
La Ricketta gumped in the toliet and didn't flush, to exert her dominance in an all male household.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
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