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Something that is boring or completely

A 'yawn' (when you open your mouth, take a deep breath, and stretch your muscles) is a sure sign that you are sleepy or bored.
The film was a real yawner -- I fell asleep after the first twenty minutes.
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
A person who at the moment is bored and lazy who texts people expressing their bored situation however at the same time still content with doing nothing.
Joe sits and watches TV continuously flipping the channels, obviously bored and lazy he texts his friend expressing how bored he is, but Joe never mentions he wants to do anything. Joe is actively being a "yawner."
by Galation46 May 27, 2010
a boring fool
Ted brought Alicia to the Rave, and man she is a real yawner if you ask me
by worderamma September 15, 2009
One of Santa's unheard of reindeer, Yawner. He yawns continuously, so he can't pull the sleigh.
What is Santa's new reindeer?
His name is "Yawner", I sure hope he doesn't have to use him, since he yawns continuously.
by JCgal December 31, 2008
Someone who doesn't fit into a group. Not someone who fits into 2 groups, but someone who is different. May be able to be put into many groups by music, clothes and attiude.
person1: So wot do you think she is? a Goth or a ned?
person 2: She's just a yawner.
by X_deathrose_X December 16, 2004
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