When you yawn and burp at the same time.

A yarp comes in 3 stages, usually the yawn comes first, then you burp 3/4 ways in, you then finish the yawn.
Person 1: (Makes a Yawing/burping sound or a yarp)
Person 2: Dude did you just yarp?
Person 1: Did I? I hardly heard it....
by FireDart July 14, 2010

like rubbish tv/movies with AI in them, from futurama
a: "whats on the tv?"

b: "just another yarp..."
by frank_the_tank12345 May 31, 2010
A cross between a yawn and a burp. Often occurs when an individual is having a long, deep, drawn out yawn and accidentally swallows a quantity of air, then releases that air with a gentle burping noise at the end of the yawn.
Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwww- urp!

"You just yarped."
by Alex_K_NY July 27, 2009
"yarp!"said peach "wat does that mean?" said strawberry
by mr. peach January 02, 2009
a cross betwen a ucalele and a banjo.
we play yarps at our polka parties.
by ally johansen November 24, 2007
a goofy laugh
hahahahahahahahahaha yarp yarp yarp
by instigationmachine May 12, 2004
Performing any sexual activity to a vagina while it is on it's menstruating cycle, AKA it's period. sexual intercourse, finger blast or eating out all apply
guy: "i wanna fuck!"
ugly whore: "i'm on my period, so you'll have to yarp me instead"
guy: "yarp yarp!"

guy: "i yarped the shit out of this broad last night, my fingers and cock are still covered in period blood. same with my teeth"

by turkeydick February 02, 2009

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