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the fisrt drops of rain
the bloom of flowers
fisrt days of spring
a golden bracelet
a flower in heaven
a friend in an old lang
the Godess of water
An Angel
yara angel is the Godness of water
by special edition January 17, 2006
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These girls are real, honest, sweet people. They always want to help and they care for you. They are extremely nice and sexy as shit. Yara's are extremely rare, so if you have one, you're lucky.
Wow she's perfect. She must be (a) Yara.
by ohbabii December 19, 2010
a sweetheart, loved by everyone, yara is truly a wonder. shes so beautiful and sexy, any guy would be lucky to have her. she happens to be very horny and loves sex and shes really good at it. shes a big turn on to most guys and most consider her as a sex god. she knows how to have a good time. shes a good friend, always there for people and gives amazing advice. anyone that has a yara is quite lucky.
i just fucked yara, damn shes soo good at it
by love this girl 123333 April 03, 2011
The star that guides the way. It comes from the old Arabic origins. =)
When the 3 wise men were lost, it was Yara that lead their way.
by y.taylor November 23, 2010
yara`s are wonderful mexican chicks who are nice and kind but dont get at her when shes pissed!!!! shes awesome and calm during the day but loves to party majorly at night. She`s a great friend companion and company. love to hang out with nikki`s.
Guy1: have you seen the new chick yara
Guy2: yup i want to marry her and never ever leave her
Guy1: dont we all?
by nikkilette loves ya October 18, 2010
The second most fabulous duck on this planet (pewdiepie is the first). She is the biggest pewdiepie fan and would do anything to meet him. if someone said something like pewdiepie is not funny, she will brofist your fist and if you do like pewdiepie she would become your bestfriend.
I like pewdiepie, so now i am going to live a fabulous life with yara
by youyou45 December 12, 2013
someone who is VERY protective over THEIR WORDS and a COMPLETE LOSERFACE. but...very loveable!!!
"Yara: HEY! that's M?Y word you WANNABE!!!!
by 1rofl1 April 01, 2009

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