The act of vomitting.
I got super drunk and totally Yara'd all over myself!
by 69Softboner420 July 18, 2015
someone who is VERY protective over THEIR WORDS and a COMPLETE LOSERFACE. but...very loveable!!!
"Yara: HEY! that's M?Y word you WANNABE!!!!
by 1rofl1 April 01, 2009
A crazy underage girl (see jailbait) who has a strange addiction with Justin Bieber. She's blonde, but doesn't think she is.. and difficult as hell.
Stop being difficult Yara, or I'll bitch slap you.
by Cuchara fucks your mother March 25, 2012
Yall Are Real Assholes.
Bob: Pass the cock soup!!
Steve: You want the cock soup?
Me: Yara
by mystick March 19, 2011
Noun: a lighter (used in South London)
bob: shit this is out, pass the yara
bill: hi got a yara?
by Bleourby December 10, 2007
The worse bitch in the universe... Yara loves to stick random objects in her body.. loves sex and likes to fuck with anything that moves.. Shes a slut in other words
damn yara is a slut
by Alexandra1212 February 25, 2009

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