another stupid hack New Age "composer" who wants to be a pianist and synthesizer whiz who writes bloated, pompous artsy-fartsy puke that is nothing more than elevator muzak for the modern age we live in. This wretched garbage called "New Age" is just corporate modern-day elevator music consisting of overblown "classical" pretension with just enough of a post-Pink Floyd touch to make it more updated. Utterly disposable. There is much better instrumental music around. Hell, Pink Floyd has done far better instrumentals. Check them out, they kick Yawn-ee's ass any day.
1. in college, many women I knew there swore up and down about the merits of the music of Yanni. I listened to the suggestions of my friends and opened my musical horizons, listening beyond the box. Roxy Music is awesome, Nick Lowe is a witty rockin' dude, and I just couldn't get into Harry Connick, Jr. at all. Well, I saw a PBS special that featured Yanni live at home in Greece and man did it ever ess you cee kay. Totally poofy trash.

2. I was visiting a friend's house shortly after he got married. He slipped in a Yanni disc and read off some yucky love "lyrics" that he wrote to the music. I was laying on a bed hearing it all, and it was all Barf City. The lyrics were cliched and sickening to the max, and the "music" - well, it just plain sucked big time. The only word that could accurately describe it all was "godawful". It was one of those things that never should've been done. Yeeeccchhh.
by rock'n'roller June 06, 2007
the biggest pussy alive, walk into one of those metrosexual mall stores and yanni is cranking, you know. the music you think "what fucker likes this?" thats yanni
yanni sucks!
by brett June 14, 2004
yanni is ok........... she goes to SOTA and my best friend totally HATES her. but i think she's okkkkk i guess.
well i guess she's okay.
by 1st victom's friend January 19, 2005

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