the best mom ever
YANNI! paul hit me!
by tonsofdeadkitnz December 06, 2010
1. Used to describe one's state of excitement or enthusiasm, such as "yay!" or "awesome!"

2. Used for agreement, such as "yes" or "okay"
1. Friend: "I got us tickets to see that band you like"
You: "YANNI!!"

2. Friend: "Hey, do you want to hang out later?"
You: "Yanni"
Friend: "Okay see you there"
by Gayle Waters-Waters June 29, 2013
A notorious ferret puncher.
I wass soo drunksu i puanhced the fertys like Yanni deos. I"m soory!
by the ferty puancherd April 19, 2004
Derived from "Breteh Abezyanni" which means shaved monkeys is Russian. To call someone a yanni is to say they are primitive and stupid. Mainly by thier movements and behavior. Many african americans label this term racist but it does not target any race. A term coined in secret circles of Seattle and Auburn Washington.
Those yannis are to blame for the worlds problems today.
by BCS Officer November 29, 2010
A classical musician who makes beautiful music but is the most self-absorbed being alive. Him and his fake motions and tickles and crazy hair, like a woman with a thick moustache.
This song I wrote for the woman who brought me into this world. It captures her gentleness and her sweetness. Its name is Felitza, and Felitza is my mother
by bluecheese May 22, 2004
A great musician. Doesn't talk though.
"Well, I never heard his voice anyway."
by Dave February 01, 2004
to take a shit, number 2, dump, crap, dookie
"I gotta yanni so bad."
by French Dip April 08, 2008

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