A team whose fans actually root for them, instead of against another, see Red Sox. Even though the Yanks do spend money out the ass, its not our fault and were gonna follow our Yanks to another Championship on 05'.
Yankee Fan: Lets go Yankees!!!

Sox Fan: Fuck the Yankees!!! (notice there is no positive cheer for the sox...sad, i know.)
by joebob56 April 01, 2005
1.Plural of Yankee.
2.American Baseball Team - New York Yankees
1. You will meet alot of Yankees if you go to the USA.
2. The NYY kick some major ass.
by Pidrovski August 15, 2004
1. all-time winningest franchise in US professional sports and buyers of 27 World Series championships (one was shipped to the wrong address and never returned)
2. an identified crime family centered in New York state
3. (chiefly Bostonian) (considered vulgar) see shit
The Boss "silenced" all investigators who dared search into the affairs of the Yankees.
by Jade December 08, 2003
The best baseball team in the world. The Dodgers sucks the Red Sox's balls compare to the Yankees.
Those crazy Tovars like the Dodgers because they wanna suck the Red Sox's balls too.
by PanochiMan May 01, 2005
face it, the red sox fans have something to look forward to every year, each game the fans are on the edge of their seats. now a yankees fan is a boring person who is a fan just for the sake of being a fan. They don't care about the fucking team they are the people who want to be fair and root for the team who is compltely made up of homosexuals (not that there's anything from with that) but honestly let's just narrow it down to the most important facts...look at jeter and then look at johnny damon, LOOK AT THAT HEAD OF HAIR, yeah that's what i thought shut up
look at johnny damon!!
by red sox baby October 16, 2004
The GREATEST BASEBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME!!!!! I think it is funny how people say the Yankees suck, all I have to say is 26 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and counting. And for the people that say they are just overpaid (mostly red sox fans) take a look at your teams payrole.
Damn the Yankees are the GREATEST baseball of all time.
by Brandon C Alf May 10, 2007
TO ALL YOU YANKEE HATERS: What is wrong with you? Do you hate the yankees because they have the most money, the smartest owner and gm and the best fans? Why do you despise the yankees, because they win every year... Do you even know anything about baseball... People, all yankees are not bandwagoning idiots, Im a true yankee fan. I will die a yankee fan, because this is my team. I have liked them since I can remember, you can not "say" the yankees are bad, just say you dont like them... Damn,all yankee haters are in denile, you guys are jealous... Stop hating, and start looking at why your team sucks.
I hate the yankees because they have so much money from all their sold out games.
by yank fan September 25, 2006

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