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A word used to ask the question; do you know what I mean? Also used as a common response to the same question. Is considered to be a noun, verb, and adjective all in one word
Bro I can’t go out tonight my girlie has me on lock down, yameen?
Yameen, that sucks bro maybe next time.
by Yahweh April 26, 2005
short for "do you know what I mean?"
Damn, she's got some fine-ass titties, ya-meen?
by Bizznatch December 20, 2001
a phrase asking if u understand whatever the person just got finished explaining or is referring to

a question of understanding ex: Do you understand what I'm saying? but not reqiuring an answer.

this phrase has more definions to the phrase, it basicly means alright? it depends on how the word is placed in a sentance.
EX. 1
He voilated so I slapped him cross the head, yameen!
EX. 2
I'm going to the store, yameen?
Note: This one might require an answer.
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