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2 definitions by Yahweh

A word used to ask the question; do you know what I mean? Also used as a common response to the same question. Is considered to be a noun, verb, and adjective all in one word
Bro I can’t go out tonight my girlie has me on lock down, yameen?
Yameen, that sucks bro maybe next time.
by Yahweh April 26, 2005
A town that quite possibly could be as ghetto as maryland can get, with the exception of Baltimore. Its common for a boy named Mike O'Donnel to get dragged there by his girlfriend and have to buy a hoodie for her.
someone- Hey mike how was pasadena, i used to live there you know?
Mike- What the fuck are you talking about, your not black, poor, or ugly. infact i find you quite attractive, wanna go have sex?
someone- not really
mike- too bad!
(hump hump hump)
by Yahweh February 20, 2005