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A word used to ask the question; do you know what I mean? Also used as a common response to the same question. Is considered to be a noun, verb, and adjective all in one word
Bro I can’t go out tonight my girlie has me on lock down, yameen?
Yameen, that sucks bro maybe next time.
by Yahweh April 26, 2005
When you hate something as much as you hate your stepdad. You hate it, but you know it has to be there 'cause your mom loves it.
Will: I got stepdad issues with the media.
Darren: Fo real?
Will: Like, I hate that shit but it's gotta be there.
#daddy issues #issues #baggae #problems #drama
by yahweh August 07, 2015
A town that quite possibly could be as ghetto as maryland can get, with the exception of Baltimore. Its common for a boy named Mike O'Donnel to get dragged there by his girlfriend and have to buy a hoodie for her.
someone- Hey mike how was pasadena, i used to live there you know?
Mike- What the fuck are you talking about, your not black, poor, or ugly. infact i find you quite attractive, wanna go have sex?
someone- not really
mike- too bad!
(hump hump hump)
by Yahweh February 20, 2005
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