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a person who creates horrible ideas in a time of need
Matt is the biggest yake on planet Earth!
by erid June 13, 2006
It's a term used to express excitement or any other happy kind of emotion.
Yakes! I got a car for my birthday.
I received a rose yesterday. Yakes!
Going for massage is the best. Yakes!
by Latin Asian Connection February 15, 2009
A Person who has a nice sized booty.
Yooo, that girl Ashley got the Yake!
by LegendaryLiam January 02, 2016
Someone that is wrong or unusual
James is so yake, He thinks he's the best at everything!
by Liebby June 02, 2015
AKA "Mr. Ocean"... someone who is part fish, part aborigine, and part flaming homosexual.
"Did you see that Yake over there!? That dude was nol!"
by Tom Dawg August 31, 2006
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