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a Sexy girl who knows what she's doing in life. Kailey's are rare creatures and tend to fall easy. When handling Kailey be sure to catch her if she falls. Kailey is not a whore. Be kind to her because She was created a fighter but loves to be a lover. She is one amazing creature, and she will kick your ass!!!
Kailey is amazing!
by misspriss34563 July 10, 2008
Kailey is basicly perfect
shes beautiful
has a perfect ass.
will allways make you laugh even if your feeling down
kaileys a girly girl but she also knows how to kick ass in sports

kailey is not a slut :D
kailey's soo sexy i wish she wasnt taken by her boyfriend alex.
by Alex sena May 03, 2009
A Kailey is a girl who likes guys that will make her laugh and stay up all night just to talk about their days.
she lives in a fairytale reality so she never has to comeback down
she enjoys life and likes it when everyone is happy and hates it when people are sad.
She is fiends with everyone and is very lovable.

Kailey is gorgeous and gets hotter everyday.
That boy likes Kailey.
yeah no wonder shes a gorgeous shes a kailey!
I want to be her.
or be her friend Mickey
by forealgirlfrand March 08, 2011
Kailey is a girl who love love loves to read, kick ass at basketball, bake, and is a total chocoholic. She uses humor to cover up her sensitive side. If you hurt her, she doesn't forgive easily, but she will eventually. She trusts those she loves deeply. If she doesn't like you, she won't pretend to. She can be harsh sometimes but when you need her she will be there for you no matter what. Her laugh is crazy and loud but everyone loves it. She is obnoxious at times but completely reserved at others. She is smart, but not fantastically so. She is wonderful as a person and completely loyal to true friends. Don't mess with her, or those she cares for, or prepare to be confronted:):) She is beautiful. (inside and out)
Oh that girl is such a Kailey...she is so wonderful!!

She really loves that boy Kollin!
by Ayyyy Kayyyy <3 February 20, 2012
Kailey is a girl who has a rock hard exterior, but is often sensitive, so watch out. She is beautiful but doesn't know it, be careful when handing her compliments as she will probably deny/ reject them. She is not a whore, but can have a good time. She may seem shy and awkward at first, but once you get to know her she's outgoing and awkward! Kailey will sometimes insult you if she doesn't like you but don't worry if you're friends she's most likely joking. Kailey doesn't like copying everyone else. She danced to the best if her own drum, and wears lots of different clothes. She hates being told what to do and hates authority figures, especially if they think they're better than her. This is a bit ironic because she believes she is basically queen if everyone, all others are peasants. She is sometimes mistaken for a satanist, but don't worry she's just weird. People either love her or hate her. She swears a lot, but is still good with children (as long as they're not annoying little pricks). Kailey believes in magic, and loves cats. She also loves boys! She's best paired with someone named Patrick. She Especially loves scene boys. Basically, Kailey is fabulous.
"Who's that girl drawing mustaches on the school council election posters, wearing purple skinny jeans??"

"Oh that's kailey. Yo, here comes here hot boyfriend, Patrick!"
by Definition-overlord December 10, 2013
the best, most perfect girlfriend in the world. Likes green grapes and green turtles, but not unicorns or brown turtles.
she is a kailey.
by robotunicornattack15098 July 06, 2011
Kailey is a perfect girl with a perfect personality! She is very talented at art, singing, and sports! Kailey has a perfect ass and is as skinny as a twig but is a fit as a wall. any guy would be lucky to have kailey cause she is generous, nice and is great at sex! she will do ANYTHING to make somebody happy, although she isnt as happy as everyone else. people need to look out for kaileys because kaileys are very good liers and tend to keep everything up inside. So be nice to kaileys! She is not a slut whore or anything ,she is perfect in everyway and she cant see that. Kaileys r one of the rarest most beautiful creatures in the universe!
"dude are you dating kailey?"
"hell yea!"
"your so lucky! shes perfect"!

"why is kailey always so happy?"
"shes not"
by kodiak333333 November 29, 2013

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