vegan straightedge. a lifestyle which includes abstainence from all use of drugs, alcohol, and animal products/biproducts.
Earth Crisis was one of the first militant xvx bands.
by Lynn February 28, 2005
Straightedge vegetarian or vegan.
Doesn't do drugs, drink, eat meat, ect.
by Lalalalalalalallalalalallalala August 08, 2008
XVX Records is a Srilankan Record Label Specializing in Rap/HipHop Music.
produced by Keed. 2008 XVX Records.
by sandy567 May 14, 2009
Being fucking boring and not eating animal products or drinking doing drugs
Want a glass of milk before you sleep Tom?
by lolums23 December 23, 2011
supreme faggotry,militant homoerotic facist highschool scene. jock hardcore in disguise, chris rouse's little clique. (in summary)
by FUCKGOD November 16, 2009

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