A fat-ass who was the king of the persians 2.400 years ago, who couldn't do anything. He leaded the Persians in the battle of Thermopylae and he only managed to kill the 300 spartans and the 700 thespians because of that bitch Ephialtes, who showed the persians the path which leaded behind the greeks. He is also that fat guy at meet the spartans who is less fat and gay than the real one. It can also be an insult.
"Xerxes is a dumbass"
"You are such a Xerxes!"
by Myself124352 April 19, 2009
Wearing large amounts of gold, piercing your cheek multiple times, crossing one your legs(preferably the left), raising one hand up(preferably the right), having people bow down to give you a rim job/dirty sanchez, and acting like the Lord of all queers.
Damn dude, Jon, Brian, Rich, and Dan were acting like a bunch of Xerxes today at the kickball game.

Dude, that rim job was not good enough, give it to me xerxes style.
by fearlessgerbil March 22, 2007
1.) The epitome of failure in the entire human race

2.) Someone who loves rice

That guy who tried jump off a building to kill himself and lived is a total Xerxes.
by ......................... March 25, 2007
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