A very popular weblog.

Xanga has wonderful features:

A very vaque and troublesome updating method!

Gullible teen users that are looking to get laid!

Limited templates that are an ass to change or make yourself seem like an individual!

Tedious windows that log you out after you close the window, whether you wanted to or not!

And oh so much more!

All the cool people are doing it, why not you?
"Do you have a xanga?"

"Why yes, I do!"

"What's your username?"


by Chien_Ein October 09, 2004
One of the myriad sites that allow semi-literates to express themselves for all the internet to see. Generally xanga is considered worse than livejournal, deadjournal, etc. because of the absolutely atrocious design and the greater density of idiots. Not that the other sites are overflowing with intellectuals.
OMG I wUz liEk toTaliE reeDigN uR lj an i wuZ lieK get a xaGNa.
by Odovaucer April 25, 2004
a weblog community that quickly becomes an addiction along with it's terminology.
That was so cool! Props for that! or This is definitely one for my xanga!
by Rachel March 05, 2004
An online jounal. Pics and sorts of things can be on it. They are to express fellingt to the person typing it or to other people online.
Let's see what I should write in my xanga....
by Jai December 12, 2003
A shitty weblog service designed to let people express their feelings, but is incredibly fun to piss people off in by starting flare wars.
I told some kid he's an asshole, and now I continue to verbally own him.
by t('-'t) February 05, 2005
place where people who TiPe LyKe DiSS put their lives on the internet. Example: 2day im madd tyred yo.They hope that by learning that they are tired, you will assume that they went out and do have lives. And not just asians "blog" there. theres all kinds of losers.
xAnGuh IsH dA c00l3st!! R3preSEnt!!!!
by superman November 08, 2003
It's zane-gah or something like that, but not "zEe Ang A", but that's besides the point. Anyways, it's another "community" blogging/internet journal thing like LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Blurty, DiaryLand, etc.
"Xanga's down." "Nooooo!" "It's just your online journal...you barely post it anyways..." "...So?"
by scientificprogressgoesboink August 29, 2003

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