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An kick ass Japanese band who did most, if not all, (I think(, music for the anime FLCL (Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly, etc.) Have I think 10 albums released and still going strong. They're nothing like other JRock. Listen to them, cos they're cool. Ride on Shooting Star is the best song in the world. Honest.
GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel and dir en grey can SO not compete with The Pillows.
by scientificprogressgoesboink December 31, 2003
fairly expensive store which sells things like spikes, stickers, and stuff like that. fairly good if you're into that stuff. place where preps can go and act punk, where punks can go and get poser-punk stuff, and where others can go and get whatever because they don't really care, they just like it. it's possible. honest
"y'know that place hot topic? it's such an avril lavigne store!" "well...yeah. avril DOES shop there. but does that make it a poser store, even if she is one?" "yeah." "idiot."
by scientificprogressgoesboink August 29, 2003
the year after 2003.
which will hopefully bring peace.
2003 sucked...it's time to move on to 2004.
by scientificprogressgoesboink December 31, 2003
It's zane-gah or something like that, but not "zEe Ang A", but that's besides the point. Anyways, it's another "community" blogging/internet journal thing like LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Blurty, DiaryLand, etc.
"Xanga's down." "Nooooo!" "It's just your online journal...you barely post it anyways..." "...So?"
by scientificprogressgoesboink August 29, 2003
"ish" is used in my world :P to describe something you're unsure of, or if you can't find the right word for it at the time.
"He's so...ISH, y'know?"
by scientificprogressgoesboink May 22, 2003
Some "diesease" the media thinks will take over the world. Some "diesease" the governments think they have under control. Some "diesease" from Asia. Yet another one.
you are watching TV
Government officials: We now have SARS under control.
you change the channel
News anchor: There were 8 new cases of SARS today in Taiwan. Here, there were only 2 probable cases. There's a difference you know.
You: Oh.
by scientificprogressgoesboink June 16, 2003
A woman who makes much money off a certain creation of hers. She has trouble writing when she is married. See how long Book 5 took? 3 years. =X
That woman is such a J.K Rowling, she'll never finish the next book in the series!
by scientificprogressgoesboink June 16, 2003

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