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pron. dee-bob

Acronym for "Dirty Bunch Of Bitches." This can refer a group, or even one person if their bitchiness is equivalent to what one would expect from a group.
I'm so sick of Tracey talking about me behind my back; she is such a DBOB.
by Anisa January 31, 2006
Literally "chillin' like a villain." Refers to the act of relaxation.

Other form: clavving
"I'm tired from being out so late last night. Tonight, I am just going to stay home, watch some TV, order some takeout and clav."
by Anisa June 02, 2006
where ppl talk about every move they make
i woke up and picked up bob and billy then we went to starbucks then we went to the mall to meet up with john and jane. then i had to drop off billy and jane. then me bob and john went to the movies. and then i went home, and called jane. after that talked online to john. and then i went to sleep.
by anisa December 04, 2003

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