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4 definitions by manta

"World Wide Web". The most ridiculous abbreviation around, since to pronounce it takes nine syllables, whereas "World Wide Web" is only three.

Commonly used as the default name for a web server, to the extent that newbies cannot mentally cope with a url that doesn't begin with www.
Have you seen 'b3ta.com'?
Don't you mean 'www.b3ta.com', you newbie.
by manta May 22, 2003
1. The sort of large dark furry turd with a deceptively slener head that causes a painful dilation of the anus when expelled.

2. Any situation, task or individual known to cause similar levels of discomfort.
Arsebadgers! b3ta.com is on the block list.

That's a right arsebadger.

by manta May 22, 2003
A male or female who persistently persues the male member, despite their attentions being unwanted.
She's a moose.
I know, I can't get rid of the cockbadger.
by manta July 30, 2003
Character created and performed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Borat is a journalist for Kazakhstani television, hosting a series on Western life and culture: 'Borat's Guide to Britain' and later 'Borat's Guide to America'.

Borat attends social events and suchlike, asking odd questions and embarrasing the subject of interviews with obscure (fabricated) Kazakhstani customs.

After being told he should, in polite circles, ask to be excused before leaving the table, he returned, saying 'I had a good shiit'. Also asked the organiser of a party at Oxford University if they were planning to hire prostitutes.

See also Ali G and Bruno.
by manta May 25, 2003