World Wrestling Entertainment. The Largest Pro Wrestling Company in the World featuring incredible athletes, storylines, and drama. Wrestlers in this company put their bodies on the line 365 Days a year to entertain their fans. They also support countless charities including The Make a Wish Foundation. WWE also holds a Tribute to the Troops show every year. Show some respect.
Hater: Why you such a loser, WWE ain't no sport!
Wrestling Fan: Yes, it is indeed a sport. It clearly states in the dictionary that a Sport is an physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Wrasslin' fits that definition perfectly.
by BMAC4395 July 06, 2011
is the gayest thing ever made most people that play or watch WWE are under the age of 6 and the ones that play or watch WWE cant fight for there lives so thay try to act cool and spit water and jump in circles B4 they get in a fight but by the time they are done doing there homo dance in they have already been beat to the ground
yo did you see that fight to day that fat kid was hopping and waving his hand in front of his face and J.J just punched his hand and he broke his own nose he must watch to much WWE
by MAC J.J TO ZAY September 08, 2008
Something that people find entertaining and other find idiotic.
"Lol, you know WWE is fake right?"
by CMGo223 July 15, 2015
A very homo pseudo-sport program watched by millions of straight men.
Jon: I'm going to watch two oiled up dudes take a good hammering in the ring.

Mark: Oh, is WWE on again?
by BobbyZoolhead March 30, 2006
A well rehearsed ballet for men that is believed to be real by trailer trash. It involves steroid pumping sweaty men in speedos rolling around in a ring groping and massaging each other. People who enjoy it usually grow up in a trailer park and/or just want to see some hot guy on guy action.
Cleitus: Hey der Jeb, come watch this here WWE wrestling, he gonna pin this sweaty manly man...
Jeb: Wow, he got him all wrapped up lik a tight package...
Cleitus: Ya a package right thar.
by Marble June 27, 2005
Formerly one of the best soap opera for men EVER! That was before the story suddenly went bonkers and the WWE proved to be a federation of wussies, not men.

Their name used to be WWF (World Wrestling Federation), but due to a lawsuit from an organization with panda representation, they changed it to WWE. I just stopped watching after that. How could they possibly let a bunch of animals beat them? That's why we're humans. We eat animals like pandas, not bow to them.

Aside from that, all of my favorite wrestlers which I had known for years were beginning to disappear from the ring, so I stopped watching in order to keep my old fashion ideal wrestling image. It's great, except the latest wrestling game which I like to play is WWF No Mercy on the N64.
Stone Cold - The supreme bad ass

The Rock - The most charismatic man in sports entertainment

Gilbert - A Goldberg ripoff who is just hilarious

These are the wrestlers I remember.
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005
The most well known sports entertainment fed (yes even though it is now a real sport it is still a fed). Because of the WWE everyone knows that wrestling is fake (yes the WWE let everyone know that wrestling is fake and changed wrestling so everyone would realize it). You smart asses who think you could actually last five seconds with anyone of its competitors because it is fake tell that to Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, or Rey Mysterio. Its active compettitors include heavyweights, cruiserweights (the little guys), and women.
Wrestling haters can kiss my smart ass.

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