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Slang for dick. Used by R. Kelly in the song So Sexy on Twista's Kamikaze album of 2004.
This is for them girls that be wantin The D
This is for them girls that be lovin The D
This is for them girls that be ridin The D
The ones that like to keep The D up inside em

by bigjimdx October 13, 2005
In reference to players of MMORPG's that instead of taking a break to go to the bathroom, they take off their sock, defecate in it, and throw it aside for later disposal. Refers to someone who stays up all day and all night to play an MMORPG.
"Steve, how'd you make lvl 50 already? You were just lvl 45 a couple days ago. You friggin poopsocker!"
by bigjimdx May 14, 2005
World Wrestling Entertainment. The dominant professional wrestling promotion in the world. At one time fresh and exciting, it is a mere shadow of its former self. TNA is a much better product.
Frank- Hey, you watch WWE Raw last night?
Tim- Hell no! WWE sucks!
by bigjimdx October 19, 2005
An original term devised by myself to refer to a homosexual male.
"I wouldn't bend over in front of him. That guy is a real scrotum soldier, and he might see your butt as his next tour of duty."
by bigjimdx May 14, 2005
Another original term devised by myself to refer to a male homosexual, similar to scrotum soldier.
"Josh is the biggest penile perpetrator ever. He stares at guys packages so much I think he works for UPS."
by bigjimdx May 14, 2005
parody song done by Dave Chapelle on an episode of Chapelle's Show. the tune of it is very similar to R. Kelly's "Feelin On Yo Booty."
Haters wanna hate
Lovers wanna love
I don't even want
None of the above
I want to piss on you
Yes I do
I'll piss on you
I'll pee on you
by bigjimdx December 02, 2005
Equivalent to a whore. A golddigger just takes other types of payment in addition to cash. They also accept having their bills payed, cars, jewelry, homes, fame, and power. The amount of time a golddigger turns their trick can vary from a short time to many years. Golddiggers are no better than a common gutterslut whore.
"If I were rich I'd get more pleasure from tellin some golddigger whore to hit the bricks than to swallow my pride and nail her."
by bigjimdx October 19, 2005
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