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A man to whom you were formerly married, and with whom you enjoy a close and congenial relationship, absent the rancor often associated with the word "ex-husband".
1. Although he travels a great deal for work, my wusband makes it a priority to attend all our daughter's school events.

2. Q: "What does your husband do?"

A: "Actually, he's my wusband, but I'd love to introduce you! I really think you two would hit it off."
by birmingmom October 06, 2009
the "husband" in a lesbian marriage who does all the "manly" chores and helps to raise & discipline the kids rather than be the pregnant one.

Since you don't wanna carry the kids, you'd make a good laddy. I mean you're already a good wusband.
by psydecheaux September 21, 2010
Pronounced 'was-band'. The ex-husband. After the divorce, the husband becomes the wusband.
My wusband left me for another woman, but I tried to get half his shit!
by smls January 22, 2008
When two gay men marry and one is deemed to be the female of the two in the marriage
i now pronounce you husband and wusband
by Caleb Sanders June 20, 2009
A man who used to be your husband.
I was at the store the other day and I ran into my wusband, can't he find a NEW grocery store.
by T~Mama November 16, 2010
The female equivilant of a bromance.
Are you guys lesbians?

-No, we're wusbands.

Oh, so no threesome?

-No. Even if we were lesbians, no.
by runningamak March 21, 2011
I used to be so into my "wusband"!
by thekitty November 22, 2011
not yet divorced ex.
Liz was happy when her wusband started dating; it gave her much more freedom.
by happytobefree June 09, 2010