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a cute term that expresses overwhelming affection for a puppy.
Your wuppy is very cute with its soft fur and long ears.
by wupcuteness February 26, 2012
a chubby kid, a kid that is larger than usual.
1. joel says: woaaah thats one overgrown wuppy.

2. Azazel says: whoaaah that joel is one big wuppy
by wuppy lugz January 24, 2008
Referring to someone who does something stupid.
The word Wuppy can also be used as an adjective, verb or noun to annoy people. It's at its best use when screaming it at the top of your voice, in someone's face, constantly.

Eg. 1
Jack: OMFG she is so stupid.
Alex: You know what she is?She's a fucking wuppy.
Eg. 2
Alex: Wuppy wuppied my wuppy and it was wuppylicious.
by SJ-M June 16, 2008

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