A man's private parts.
Hey, America's Funniest Home Videos is on! Come watch these guys get smacked in the wubbles!
by Barney Wubble June 23, 2005
1. To worry or concern.
2. To cause feelings of instability or uneasiness.
Your Facebook message wubbles me.
In 1930, the stock market severely wubbled.
by Midget Editor January 21, 2009
The word to describe the " Sag " of your hat / beanie.
Look at the Wubble of his hat today! It's not even on his head!
by The King of AfterBang January 19, 2010
An alternative for saying "wb" or "welcome back" when someone re-joins you in chat over the internet.
by Nitro April 27, 2003
What you become to your friends when you drank too much at the wedding.. they are red and green!
by Maria January 28, 2004
I call my dad wubble. For some reason, it used to be chubble, but after discovering that bubbly water = wubble, i called him that!
Bubbly - ubbly
water - W

W + ubbly = wubbly = wubble!
by Chewy Chunky December 16, 2007
A really bad hangover.
Damn homie last night we was too hyphy at the club and now I got them wubbles. Ill be feelin them wubbles all day long.
by The White Knight January 02, 2007

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