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When you see someone, a girl if you're a guy and a guy if you're a girl, and suddenly find there's a physical liking towards that person... Almost like a mental boner, but more subtle... Also bears the same meaning as the saying 'I would', ie, I would tap that!
I saw this girl, with a face, and boobage, and immediately classified her as Eye Wood... mostly because I would!
by King-Julian May 18, 2010
Good, potent blend of the magical herb, gets the job done first time round!!!
Dane: Let's have ourselves a Jeffrey man!
Vuk: Light it up, its 4:20
Julian: Puff... Puff... Pass... 'Jesus Christ'
Warrick: Puff... Puff... 'That's some tight cage!!!'
Nicholas: Don't be a bitch, lemme get my smoke on!
by King-Julian December 08, 2010
A weed Hubble/Hubbly (Hubble, also known as Hookah or pipe)
Dane: Dude, who's keen for a wubbly?
Vuk: A wubbly?
Julian: Yes, a wubbly!!! I just hope it doesn't give me a wangover!!!
Dane: A Wangover?
Julian: Yeah, a weed hangover!!!
by King-Julian September 13, 2010
Time To Crank
Nicholas: FML It's time to crank!
Kyle: Bad day Spanny?
Nicholas: ya, jeeze, thank God it's over, time to get crank!
Kyle: TTC!!!
by King-Julian November 02, 2010

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