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love = wuv
snuggle + wuv = wubble


To insert a tentacled appendage into the ocular oriface of a victim, impregnating their skull with squid eggs.
Dane wubbles insert victim here
by Dane November 01, 2004
A really cute way of saying I love you
I say to my boyfriend "Wubbles" and he says back "Wubbles" and his sister pukes.
by Kate1111 November 09, 2007
Love, feel passion for; very casual way of saying it
I wubbles you. Or I don't wubbles you. No One wubbles you
by Ross D. January 18, 2008
The walking pattern that one exhibits after having an entire box of corn dogs shoved up their anus in series, or their equivalent in length and girth.
The Republican senator approached the stage with a noticeable wubble and proceeded to give a speech about family values.
by D n' D Flaming Dildo +1 January 01, 2012
when women with facial hair forget to remove it they get wubble... like stubble for women
ahhhh Wubble... mine old enemy
by Aleat-head March 17, 2008
When a fat person walks in a funny manner generally down an incline.
"Dude where is that one fat chick?"
"She'll probably wubble into class any minute now."
by ZalaniPasta November 29, 2011
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