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A wubbly is a teletubby on steroids
Po Throws Table "EH OHHHHHHHH" laalaa:"eh-ohh wubbly!!!"
by sasumi hatake December 18, 2010
Something very fluffy and soft, but perhaps also a bit chubby. This definition is not perfect; wubbliness is more of a feeling. When you see something that is wubbly, you'll just know it.
"That baby polar bear is so wubbly! I'd love to cuddle it while it's not a brutal killing machine yet!"
by BazkieBumpercar July 10, 2013
A weed Hubble/Hubbly (Hubble, also known as Hookah or pipe)
Dane: Dude, who's keen for a wubbly?
Vuk: A wubbly?
Julian: Yes, a wubbly!!! I just hope it doesn't give me a wangover!!!
Dane: A Wangover?
Julian: Yeah, a weed hangover!!!
by King-Julian September 13, 2010
Something/someone that makes you feel all fuzzy inside.
Aidian: She's my Wubbly...
Drake: Wow dude did she take your masculinity too?
by Noahbrooke4 November 14, 2014
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