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"What the fuck, mate?" Typically used because of the flash animation "End of the World".
"Meanwhile, Australia's down there like, "wtf mate?""
by arabhorse18 October 22, 2006
usually said when surprised or confused. w-what t-the f-f*ck

pronounced: dub-ah-yoo tee eff may-teh
bob: durka durka akrad mahammad albid durka

steve: wtf mate?
by durka akrad May 03, 2006
A phrase an Australian kangaroo says in the video,"End Of Ze World",. It Means "What the fuck, Mate!" usually in an Australian accent. (Mate in Australian means friend)
( dob-u tee eef m + ate) - WTF Mate! you spilled you drink on me!
by patsfanaj April 24, 2007
1: don't be pushin me around like that, ya tosser.
2: wtf mate? i'm not pushin shit.
by International Bad Boy September 07, 2004
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