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A word that is used in pretty much every sentence in the Middle East. Often accompanied by "sherpa" or other "durkas."
Durka Durka Sherpa Sherpa!!!
Oh, Durka.
Sherpa sherpa, Muhammad Gihad!!!
by Davit McBarn December 10, 2005
Racial slur aimed towards people of Middle Eastern decent.
That durka is a fucking terrorist.
by D Homie September 27, 2007
someone from the middle east whose a totally jackass, asshole, bitch, etc
Arab: you bitch

You: Ima fuck you up, you damn durka
by Shiver May 02, 2005
When something unforgettable and against incredible odds happens that is awesome for one party or person and terrible for everyone else. This term is usually used in Texas Holdem but can be expanded to other competitive settings as well.
"So, I heard you lost $100 to a straight on the river."

"He called my all in on the flop, thinking he already had the straight when he just had a gun-shot chance. With four outs, the dick caught it."

"Wow, that's so much fucking durka."
by DirkaSnivs January 10, 2012
middle eastern gas station attendent and/or owner.
Claude and Gary filled up at the station on the highway, only to find out that a durka was working.
by kloggdawg September 21, 2010
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