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(Pronounced: "wAt doo")A phrase uttered when something unexplainable, undefinable, and/or unbelievable occurs or amongst friends when there's absolutely nothing to do and you're just sitting there.
Ex. A
(black dildos start falling from the sky)
Frank- "WTF?! Is it seriously raining dildos right now?"

Christian- "Umm... I think so, brah."

Reem- "Well guys.... wat do?

Ex. B:

Billy- "Well, Tamer just texted me back and said he's working til 10:30 and the liquor store closes at 10. Guess no beer pong tonight. Any other ideas, Faiky boy?"

Faik- "Uhhh, I'd say let's go to my house but my parents hate me and are probably engaging in maritals."

Billy- "Well, this is a pretty FUN time I guess... junk."

JT: "wat do, wat do, wat do"
by LEOheartsLANDO July 07, 2011
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