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really, really wrong
Using wronger in a sentence is wronger than wrong.
by So Cal Gal March 25, 2005
To be more incorrect
jamie says:
im right about 'sleepy'
kirst says:
you certainly are not you couldn't be far wronger
#wronger #incorrect #wrong #not right #jamie is stupid
by jasonlovescharlie February 22, 2009
A more severe meaning of 'wrong'
Even though Christina wearing those chaps was wrong, Britney shaving her head bald was even Wronger!
#bad #wrong #unreal #not good #despicable #evil
by Lady Lynxx April 15, 2008
the state of being more wrong than the last person.

" i told you i'd put it in the dictionary, so you were wronger than i was." :P
by h0m3r0w3d September 18, 2005
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