Someone who is in their first year at University and spends the vast majority of their student loan and overdraft on drinking with the sole intention of getting into the second year by the most relax means possible.
Roy: 'Village, what do you mean you're going out tonight?! Haven't you got an essay in for tomorrow you massive wreck!?'
by LeRoyGrand April 17, 2008
To fight
You tryin to wreck chief? You tryin to throw hands!?
by Wraith July 26, 2003
to tap that
to fuck somebody
that girl is so hot i would totally wreck her
by Missy A M November 09, 2008
(verb): to wreck. A term used in football(soccer); to completely dominate another player of the opposition with skill or otherwise(pace, strength, etc.). The victim of a wreck loses all sense of dignity and self-respect and tears may sometimes follow. The wrecker is greeted with cheers and applause and retains legend status for a certain length of time(depending on the wreck itself). The victim is further humiliated by being labelled as 'beat' for the rest of the game.
"Jamie wrecked the left-back with that nutmeg."
by xabialonsoisgod November 05, 2014
adjective describing somebody who isn't looking too good.
'whoa.. you're a wreck man!'
by mikey May 16, 2004
to own the living hell out of somebody, easiest in videogames
Grenade Launchers in Armored Core 4 will wreck everybody pretty damn fast. IF you can keep hitting them, damn quick boosters
by thatguyacrossthestreet December 25, 2013
1. Someone who looks tired, cranky, angry, or any other bad emotion.
2. Shit or crap.
1. "Man, you're a wreck! Out late drinking last night?"
2. "Don't wreck yourself, it's just a spider!"
by kali mac September 01, 2005

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