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When someone is verbally dismantled and defeated on the internet. See KASE for an example
Wow, KASE got wrecked again because he can't debate worth shit.
by Tuff November 11, 2003
What happens when you have 4 liquid cocaines,3 "3hicks and a spic," 2 double shots of Grand Marnier on top of a six pack and drive your car and hit a damn stop sign and get a DUI and have to goto ASAP classes.
like i said
don't do this at home kids
by Bushwick August 24, 2003
Man, I love your shirt!
It's so wreck!
by BlueCheese14 September 21, 2009
Ugly woman.
Man, that chick's a wreck!
by Stevo August 29, 2003
Like a person ugly
Daymn Shanana is a wreck
by PROTOJE August 30, 2003
An ugly girl (one that looks like she has been in a high speed crash).
Did you see Jenny? She's a wreck.
by flame August 29, 2003
1. Large Breast region of a women.
2. sex
3. to have sex
4. to grasp, hold tight.
5. inquire, ask about
6. a hot women.
7. think about, dream about
Do you think i should wreck that wreck about maybe wrecking about wrecking wreck while wrecking her wrecks?
by The Definitioner August 29, 2003