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a development of the word wow shows something to be a further breath taker than wow
wowsa look at that hottie
by Pebbles_14 December 01, 2007
32 3
When you think something/someone is beautiful, fantastic, pretty...When something or someone is WOW!
Wowsas, look at you!
by Maura Taylor May 13, 2008
7 0
A wowsa is someone who likes to kill fun. A wowsa can take many forms, such as that cop who shuts down everyones parties, that neighbour who makes you turn your music down, or the Queensland Government(in Australia). If someones a wowsa, ignore them or flush their head down the tiolet for me.
The teachers at school don't let us play games on the computers, what a bunch of wowsa's
by Draco February 17, 2005
15 30