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This sight spelt backwards.
by Draco October 03, 2003
Bad-ass cereal from Quaker Oats, Mainly popular with stoners.
"Dude, you what we need?"
by Draco December 07, 2003
Wc3c is a site where people pretend to mod wc3 in exchange for valuable web hosting privilidges. People like ChoBo, FyreDawg, and Draco take up so much bandwidth hosting images of themselves, their canadian lust objects, and their POS photoshop workings that the site itself goes down more often than hookers in vegas. The actually site is less populated by people worth talking to than it was in the past, but the IRC channel still has a few gems though. If you ever do find yourself on IRC, just remember to ignore anyone other than...

Kdub, ChoBo, Republicola, Ari, Ululru, Draco, Technitium, SilentAvanger, Ganon

Also, Draco may be the most active administator to the public eye at wc3c, But he sucks at pretty much everything he does. Have a nice day. ^__^
<Maverick2000> you all fear my opinion!
<skizot> die!!!!
<Draco> um yah ok whatever.
<republicola> heh
<kdub> dorks.
by Draco August 03, 2004
A Korean acting black.
Jee Wong Kim..."I'm a krigger biznitch"
by Draco October 03, 2003
A wowsa is someone who likes to kill fun. A wowsa can take many forms, such as that cop who shuts down everyones parties, that neighbour who makes you turn your music down, or the Queensland Government(in Australia). If someones a wowsa, ignore them or flush their head down the tiolet for me.
The teachers at school don't let us play games on the computers, what a bunch of wowsa's
by Draco February 17, 2005

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