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Typical reaction when someone does something to themselves that is completely painful yet insanely cool.
Boggs: My buddy got Converse All Stars shoes tattooed on both his feet.
Goz: What the shit? His whole feet?
Boggs: Fuck yeah! His feet look like two pairs of Chucks.
Goz: Wowch! That is soooo gnarley, no pain no gain!
by PDXJohnny99 May 06, 2013
313 24
Signifying more pain than a simple “Ouch!” justifies.
Wowch! I just stubbed my toe on a curb!
by cwilly3 August 28, 2009
53 27
An exclamation. A mix of wow and ouch, as in being suprised by the astonishing pain or shock of what just happened.
"I just read that the Queen called Princess Diana a whore...wowch!"
by Troy J. Jones January 15, 2008
8 3
Somthing surprisingly painful
Wowch! That campfire is fuckin hot!
by C.Armstrong May 16, 2009
3 1
When someone can't decide if they want to say "Wow" or "Ouch" so the two words get slurred together.
Guy 1: yo dude you see what happened to Snooki on Jersey Shore?

Guy 2: I know, I was like wowch! she got pwned!
by Triple One Zero Triple One February 08, 2010
1 0
What to say when something amazingly, fantasticly good happens, but something crappy and/or painful does at the same time.
Just as he pulls in to his house, Dan sees that he has the car he's always wanted in the driveway, beside a sack full of money, with a beautiful girl atop it, and it's Superbowl Sunday, and he's just won the lottery. Amidst his mid-joy a midget breaks in, drops an anvil on his foot, kicks him in the balls, and attaches a lobster with anger issues to his ass.

Dan: WOWCH!!!!
by Mbleh September 17, 2007
1 1
When something is aweinspiringly painful sounding. A contraction of the words wow and ouch.
Girl 1: I was at school yesterday, and I fell down 3 flights of stairs, amputated my thumb, and gave birth all at once.

Girl 2: Wowch. That takes talent.
by kdeming1220 September 11, 2008
1 2