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a combination of "wow" and "ouch" used to express surprise over an insult or an unfortunate event.
I heard she dumped your ass for your friend. Wouch!
by A.Josepeh Seagull June 26, 2005
A combination of the words "Wow" and "Ouch". This word is commonly used by people who have been offended and are also shocked by the offense. Sometimes there just isn't enough time for two words.
Person A: You look uglier than usual, i am impressed.

Person B: ... Wouch.
by Jnonymous January 17, 2014
The disease of an infected clam. If this infected clam bites a human, they then catch AIDS.
"Oh no hunnie, our clam is infected with Wouches!" shouts my mum, Oibaf.

"Nooo! It has just bitten me and now I can feel AIDS running down my veins and into my ass." said Fabio, my Dad.
by MyMumEatsCheese. February 16, 2011
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