The action of defaecating into another persons anus, and then them attempting to defaecate back into the original anus. So named because of the extreme difficulty of, how do you say, "two way communication".
Darren: "Dude, I caught Mike wormholing Katie last night"

Cletus: "Really? how did it go?"

Darren: "It looked like two platypusses mating witha chainsaw"
by JiveWorm March 20, 2011
Top Definition
(Verb) The act of targeting an individual’s old Facebook posts with likes and/or irreverent comments with the express intention of causing minor irritation or slight amusement.

Not to be confused with Wormholing under any circumstances.
Luke enjoyed Worm-Holing Phillip whilst Phillip was off work.
by Lucas Lucas April 28, 2015
to go back or forward in time. Einstein's Theory of Relativity suggest that time travel is possible via wormholes
Dude, I'm wormholing it back to 1973 and gettin' down with old Soul Train clips of the O'Jays...
by rchgrca October 03, 2013
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