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Someone who is not a legal professional and uses the Internet to interpret the law with extreme inaccuracy.
After the Ferguson decision, everybody suddenly became a Google Esquire
by rchgrca November 25, 2014
to go back or forward in time. Einstein's Theory of Relativity suggest that time travel is possible via wormholes
Dude, I'm wormholing it back to 1973 and gettin' down with old Soul Train clips of the O'Jays...
by rchgrca October 03, 2013
the attitude of any group of people or peoples that believe earthquakes in their region are far more stronger and intense than those in other regions of the world
A seismically arrogant Californian created the following: Text "Sorry you spilled your chai latte" to 90999 to donate $1 to the victims of the 2011 U.S. East Coast earthquake..."Seismic Arrogance"
by rchgrca August 23, 2011
contortion of one's face
Stop squidgeling your face every time I say we are eating spinach!
by rchgrca December 25, 2014
motorboating someone's stomach (pronounced "bihnerfull")
I woke my girlfriend up with a bnurfel
by rchgrca October 03, 2011

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