A game played by complete nerds ranging from the age of 9 to 40. It takes up about 12 hours of their day, and if they had spent that time working, they could finance a small house.

Ex: "Hey Johnny, want to come play baseball instead of World of Warcraft?"

"No, I'm in a 40 man raid."
by TheGianni February 27, 2009
Not as addicting as you might think. WoW addiction comes about when one plays WoW to fill a void elsewhere in one's life. Otherwise it's a fun game, very boring when played alone but fun and gratifying in a group.
I played world of warcraft seven hours a day when my boyfriend and I were fighting. Now we've made up and I haven't played in two weeks.
by chick who plays wow December 03, 2007
A game played by gimps who don't know how to get on a UO freeshard. Full of unoriginal features and pointless grinding until you reach your level cap, at which point you hit a total plateau and have nothing left to do except; A) gank newbies or B) start another character and grind your way through it yet again.
World of Warcraft was made by sticking chunks of fail together with nails made of shit.
by raptorjesus712 September 21, 2009
A computer game that losers play instead of doing normal stuff such as having sex.
Normal Man: "Hey, Alex, you wanna go look for some sex or live like normal humans?"

WoW Player: "No, I'd rather waste my life away playing World of Warcraft and getting fat."

Normal Man: "Dude, you're a loser!"

WoW Player: "So what's sex like?"
by Jaybirdking April 19, 2009
a game for idiots, often called midget or kyle. for those who drop out of school because they are addicted and find girlfriends on there and "fall in love"
midget: "Arukia i love you, don't go ahead without me i'll protect you!"
me: "dude get the fuck off world of warcraft! you're a loser!"
by butterflygigglez November 20, 2008
'Kay, all of you saying that this game makes you fat and ugly and unwashed and all that shit need to just shut the fuck up. Honestly.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG by Blizzard. They say you can play casually and still level nicely but personally I believe that's bull shit, I've been playing since January, it's now July, and I've only gotten to level 54 of 70.

...of course, I'm really slow at it. But hell.

This is a very addictive game which, in my opinion, actually HELPS build social skills, because if you want to increase the levels, you have to cooperate with other players. Therein lies the incentive.

And who the blue bloody fuck said making friends there is a bad thing? Some of my best friends are people I can only see there---NOT because I'm dirty or nasty or stupid, but because I'm not yet old enough to go see them and they live in other states.

Don't be a dumbfuck. If you want to play, just try the damn thing, and fuck what everyone here says. Including me. What gives you the impression I know what I'm talking about?
"Congratulations! You just ran 20 miles really fast in the wrong fucking direction! You've made level 70 in World of Warcraft! Have a god damn cookie!"
by Asparagus Warfare July 10, 2007
A place you go when your life is low
You have no friends, and nowhere to go
You sit at home on the basement floor
And pay blizzard until you're poor
You wish you had some girls around
But frankly, panties can't be found
Drop rates low and too many quests

Shit I just realized, it's brew fest!
Your friends come by and want to hang
But the garrosh fight is such a pain
You tell them you have things to do
They flip you off and say FUCK YOU!
Now high on redbull, wide awake
Up all night, piece of cake
I'll sleep at work, tomorrow morning
I haven't even got a warning

Dammit! Speaking of such an event
A rare spawn is here! Call guild on my vent!
I log on later, after a long day of work
I pull out my penis and I fap and I jerk
So many night elves to hit on tonight
More players in warsong to pvp fight
got gold to farm, I just can't refrain!
Leveling enchanting, on my other main
Selling some armor in auction house
Fuck my life, who needs a spouse.
Noises from that basement persisted for days
It reeked of purple haze and dead billy mays

Dorritos and pizza covered the rug
And heat emulated from the broken wall plug
You're passed out cold and on the couch
You hear a voice scream: GET UP SLOUCH!
You turn around, nearly dazed
Your eyes so tired and screen gazed

It's your mom, pissed as deathwing!

Get off your ass and do something!

Dad and I are working our butts off
While you sit here playing in Azeroth!
Get off wow NOW!!!
I used to play World of Warcraft, but I quit...
by Creatorofallthatis September 28, 2015
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