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The largest MMO around to date, Players are widely stereotyped as being fat guys living in there parents basements with out a life or a job or a girl friend. This stereotype can be true but often is not. I started playing when the burning crusade came out, I played Warcraft III but waited because I wanted a toon that looked like me. I play a female BE (blood elf) hunter with red hair and green eyes. This is part of my addiction , a virtual me who gets to kill things and travel around the world all day. The flora and fauna are very trippy, and there are many physiological things hidden in the game. You look at the world a lot differently at 70. Some players are naturally better than others. Quest are redundant and the game is time consuming as it is meant to be. Competitiveness and boredom drove me to keep playing. I do enjoy it but I must learn moderation.
When I started playing a friend said "Id rather you of gotten hooked on coke than have bought World of WarCraft" As it turns out I did both, WOW is harder to kick for me but not quite as expensive.
by Zigby March 25, 2008

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