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A racist term used towards italians, not just sicilians (who are italian, for some reason you people seem to think there is a difference) which derives from the napolitan word Juappo (pronounced Wah-Po), not Guappo, which is a friendly term meaning "thug". When Italians came over to the Americas, the english had issues understanding it and called them Wops.
What a fucking wop.
Seriously though, I can't believe half the things i read here. Maybe its different in the USA for italians, but in Canada we get alot of respect here, mainly cuz we built this entire country and if it wasnt for us there wouldnt be a million different inventions. It's idiots like these ones that make America look like its inhabited by retards. Up yours you fucking WASPS.
by Domenico1 May 16, 2009

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