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A magical land of Tootsie rolls, kilts, cows, bagpipes, tartan, black squirrels and snow. Also a college, but that's less important because c'mon, bagpipes!
Wooster students study hard, work harder and party hardest of all! Woo!
1. Wooster traditions include bagpipes, stealing bricks and filling Kauke Arch with snow every year.

2. - Yo dude, you going to that party at OSU tonight? - Nah man, I'm gonna hit up Wooster, that shit is so much better
by fightingscot November 14, 2011
38 8
a word that can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, ect. usually used to make other people confused and or ask what it means.
-I'm going to wooster you
- watch it you wooster!
-wow! this pasta is woosterific!
by MAN-CHILDdd September 25, 2010
13 11
Verb- to run with a sense of spontaneity.
We like to wooster through the streets of NYC on sundays.
by sebaroo December 05, 2011
4 6
A ditsy girl that believes anything that she hears especially, a blonde
-man that girl believes everything
- yeah, she's a Wooster
by MAN-CHILDdd September 25, 2010
7 14
A slang term for vagina
My ob-gyn was all up in my wooster today!
by S and J May 25, 2006
50 66