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Another word for the human foot. Somewhat of a childish term.
My girlfriend squeals when I tickle her tootsies!
by MACHone Inc. October 06, 2005
A 1980's comedy starring Dustin Hoffman. Quite possibly the funniest and most wonderful comedy of all time.
Yeah...The Graduate was good, but give me Tootsie any day!
by butterboy October 16, 2005
a cute thing to say when u have nothing else to say,if you can say it whilst smiling with dimples and goofy teeth
tom:hey how do you like george bush? ellen:hes tootsies!
by tootsies87 January 06, 2008
A quick squeeky fart. similiar sounding to a queef.
yo man did u hear that tootsie i just squeeked out?!
by john hollywood March 14, 2005
Gay man Vista. The ultimate level of gayness. The most robust form of gayness that FDU can ever produce. Despite popular belief... he is a not a pink man.
When your gayness reaches too high of a level, you are no longer human... You are Tootsie
see airplane (sexual position)
by April 27, 2007
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