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One who travels from show to show with no money and sometimes, not all wooks, steal food, beer, whiskey, drugs, or anything they can trade for them. the wookie usaully stinks like ten year old funk and often have the same dirty clothes on since the last time you saw them. Evil wookies often sell fake drugs to support the free spirited lifestyle they live.
Did you see those wookies passed out on the trail
by S the hippie October 14, 2007
Having fake shoes of any brand.

Also Used: Wooks
Did you see that guys wookies.
by (3oh!3) September 16, 2008
fake shoes of any kind or knock offs
say man look at that dude sportin dem wookies he needs to step his game up
by RealRaw February 04, 2008
A female Marine is referred to as a "Wooky" because of their hair. Often incapable of doing any arduous task assigned to them. Obtains uncanny ability to pick up rank quickly, also has exceptional proficiency and conduct marks on a regular basis.
Dude, look at that disgusting wooky! How did she get Staff Sergeant in three years?!
by Nasty Nigga Nate December 13, 2011
When something is weird or obscure, that thing is considered "wooky". Commonly used to describe a weird friend or crazy person.
"That guy's weird lookin'."

"Yeah, his face is all wooky."
"This is Jerry, he's a bit wooky. So watch out."
by Triggerhippie April 16, 2009
A female Marine. Usually really manly and has a clit bigger than a guys dick
Stupid Wookies always messing up our liberty policy.
by The cheese wheel June 18, 2013
A north-american balding man whose body hair resembles that of a Wookie. Can be generally found at the bottom of the standings in fantasy football, or making nonsensical postings on message boards.
Look at him, he is such a wooky.
by Joe Mama's Mama November 10, 2006
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