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2 definitions by WhereRmyPants

When something is pure awesomeness. Normally used to describe the person being awesome or the event he/she is being awesome at.
1.girl: Yo did you see j.damps walking out with another chicks pants?
Guy: ya man, she was totally blood in the tits.
2.guy1: Yo last nights concert was f*****g amazing.
Guy2: ya man it was blood in the tits!
by WhereRmyPants October 17, 2011
4 2
the combination of having a chubby and a woody.
when one's boner isn't the hardest it can be, but still leave an impression. can still do damage.
dude did you hear what she just told me? i totally have a woobie right now!
by WhereRmyPants October 17, 2011
8 20