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Anyone who can shit up to three 6+ inch long turds in a single sitting.
I hereby dub you poopmaestro for somehow managing to clog the Shaws bag. I guess you really did have to poop.
by Vironex July 22, 2006
Small pieces of shit left on your ass when wet farting, squirting power poops, or wiping like a retard.
Stevie has no thumb and leaves bum crumbs when he attempts to wipe his shit off his ass.
by Vironex July 22, 2006
An extremely ugly person.
Wendy was a cute kid, but she's grown into quite the braille face.
by Vironex July 24, 2006
Severe smegma buildup. Curing may require intensive treatment.
Ronny's smegmata is so bad he had to boil his phallus in order to pee.
by Vironex May 08, 2007
A phrase that finds it's way through redneck's ear and out his ass hundreds of times a day. It is actually french for "I would like someone to shove a pencil with a troll on the eraser up my asshole". Please abide.
Boy 1: "Git R Dun"!!!

Boy 2 ::Shoves troll-tipped pencil up Boy 1's cornhole::

All is well in the forest.
by Vironex July 22, 2006
Most commonly performed by ignorant children at obese-old-woman ridden Wal-Mart. It involves fondling ones own tesicles via hand in pants pocket. It is extremely obvious when performed and unforunate to third parties.
Oh gross, that kid was totaly playing pocket pool. It's so obvious!
by Vironex July 22, 2006
As universal and versatile as fuck. This word is filler when experiencing the phenomena know as brain fart.
"How are you for!" Mary Began. "To uncle of all the candy?"

"...um... wonga." Johny replied while kicking a stone and playing pocket pool.
by Vironex July 22, 2006
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