W.O.M.P. acronym for What's On My Pussy. This is a game show where a woman is blind folded and must guess what exactly is on her pussy. Your game host, who is a professional, places a random object or an object chosen by the audience, onto the contesting woman's pussy. The woman gets four chances to guess, and if she guesses the object correctly she goes on to another round and wins the object that has been placed on her lovely pussy. If the woman correctly guess six object that have been placed on her pussy she wins a million dollars and the six items that have been placed on her pussy. The objects can vary in size and form as long as it can be placed on a pussy without injuring the woman contestant. This will become the best game show anyone will ever experience in their entire life!
Host: Okay ma'am i will begin to place the object on her pussy please try to be a calm and not jump the object is cold. Now tell me. Womp!

Contestant: Okay i'm ready for it. Put it on me.

Host: Well ma'am its time to start guessing.

Contestant: Is it.............. an antenna?

Host: That is incorrect but don't worry you still have three more guesses!
by Big Nasty DickinSon July 22, 2010
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Used on the children's TV show "Recess" as a made up word used by main charactor TJ to describe anything, can be either good or bad. In this way to avoid getting in trouble, not cursing.
"Wow, this womps!"
"I don't want more homework, that womps"
Those shoes totally womp!"
by KimM September 14, 2006
An exclamation used during times in which a plausible response is non-existent. Also used as a response to hearing an unfortunate comment.
When my friend told me his one night stand gave him Herpes, all I could say was 'womp'.
by CannaChris August 29, 2010
a word used to describe the sound made by the low bass frequencies in dub-step songs
"holy shit dude, this rusko beat womps so hard"
by smkaps January 29, 2010
The sound a dinosaur makes when it sneezes.
Brachiosaurus: "Womp"
T-Rex: "God bless you"
by matty355 December 06, 2010
A lighthearted reaction upon receiving disappointing news of some sort. Usually something that isn't a particularly a big deal, esp. when it primarily affects someone else - sort of a mild schadenfreude. Sometimes doubled or tripled, and possibly said in a sing-songy voice for added comedic effect to imitate a muted trumpet, which is how the meme originated.
You didn't get any napkins with your takeout pork fried rice? Womp womp.
by 175623226 November 03, 2011
a word to describe filtered bass in dnb music. also acronym for the prestigous drum n bass record label and promotions company Missing Piece.
womp womp womp womp or (world of missing piece)
by second bass April 03, 2007
clever way to say 'how unpleasant'
"Anyone who hears any dirty meaning of this womps word probably has a dirty mind."
by Wompy Womperson April 05, 2004

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