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A lighthearted reaction upon receiving disappointing news of some sort. Usually something that isn't a particularly a big deal, esp. when it primarily affects someone else - sort of a mild schadenfreude. Sometimes doubled or tripled, and possibly said in a sing-songy voice for added comedic effect to imitate a muted trumpet, which is how the meme originated.
You didn't get any napkins with your takeout pork fried rice? Womp womp.
by 175623226 November 03, 2011
Headphones for people who would rather look like a retard than buy a good pair of headphones. Examples are typically found made of injection-molded plastic, worn by only the most 'dank' and 'steezy' motherfuckers out there. Don't be a retard, stick with Grado, Sennheiser, AKG, and the other good brands, and leave this shit for the people who don't know any better.
My friend bought a pair of skullcandy headphones, and they fell apart when I looked at them so I kicked his ass.
by 175623226 December 07, 2008
Any amount of very finely ground material created as a result of mechanical surface friction.
When changing my engine oil, I noticed a little bit of metallic swarf on my magnetic drain plug.
by 175623226 December 29, 2011
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